2018 Strategic Technology Forum Europe

Day one: Wednesday 20 June 2018 

12:30      Welcome lunch

13:50      Co-Chair's opening remarks

Gavin Gray, North American regional operating officer, Baker McKenzie
Derek Southall, head of innovation and digital, Gowling WLG

14:00      Opening keynote: transferring, enhancing and merging knowledge 

Organisations are easily seduced by technology, but what about the knowledge that goes behind the latest piece of innovation? When an organisation acquires a new company, merges, collaborates and adopts the latest software, how can it ensure it's getting all the knowledge and the best talent? What integration plan should be in place? Paul Corney will examine how talent can be utilised, identified and targeted, discussing the strategies companies should have to guarantee they are getting the best, and that all knowledge is transferred. Ultimately it is that knowledge and talent which is going to keep any company at the forefront of innovation and technology. 

Paul Corney, managing partner, Knowledge et al

14:35      The changing ecosystem: how are law firms adapting?

The legal system is changing. Alternative providers are increasingly taking a place in the legal world and work historically done by law firms is being reallocated to these providers and in-house legal teams. What are law firms doing to optimise, leverage and integrate into this new system? Is it time for law firms to start collaborating and engaging with these providers? How can firms anticipate this changing market and understand its needs?  

Moderator: Martin Telfer, SVP and EMEA chief, Fulcrum Global Technologies
Jonathan Brenner, co-founder, Lawyers On Demand
Sandra Devine, managing director Europe, Axiom
Shamus Rae, partner, head of digital disruption, KPMG
James Richards, executive director, Baker McKenzie
Adam Shutkever, non-executive director, Riverview Law

15:20      The rise of in-house counsel: the biggest threat to law firms? 

As the scope and influence of the in-house team opens up to corporate governance, regulatory expertise and technology management, is in-house the law firm’s biggest threat? Can firms meet in-house expectations & requirements? How can law firms start to think like a business that makes market driven decisions? Gain perspective on how in-house view third parties & understand what firms can do to keep ahead in service offering and billing against business-savvy in-house departments?

Hans Albers, chief of staff/head of world wide legal operations, Juniper Networks 
Áine Lyons, vice president & deputy general counsel, WW Legal Operations, VMware 

15:55      Networking break

16:15      The war for talent: attracting and retaining talent in a millennial world 

As the world becomes ever more fast-paced and innovative, the expectations and outlook of your employees is changing. In this competitive market how can law firms draw millennials who are increasingly looking at start-ups, google and other tech savvy employers? This session will examine how firms can achieve the right multi-disciplinary blend and create a motivating, engaging and rewarding career path to attract and retain the best. 

David Aird, IT director, DAC Beachcroft 
Dr Anna Donovan, vice dean (innovation) lecturer in law, UCL 
Judy Mackenzie Stuart, chief knowledge officer, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner
Joe May, consultant, Janders Dean 

16:55      Closing keynote: 
diversifying legal services and the law firm business model

In what could be one of the most dynamic and challenging periods the legal industry will endure, the coming years will redefine the traditional law firm model and the legal services market as a whole. Procurement of commoditized legal services through an Amazon like shopping experience will become the norm. Deep learning, advanced analytics and smart legal technology will allow for matters to be settled out of court through machine-to-machine arbitration. Attorney’s focus on practicing law will be complimented by an emphasis on data science and training smart systems, while new attorneys will be cross-trained with both legal and computer science education. How else will the industry change? What will remain the same? To remain competitive and provide intelligent solutions to the world’s legal problems, law firms of the future must be prepared to challenge the status quo to deliver exceptional value to current clients, embrace technology, and diversify services to reach new ones.

Ahmed Shaaban, president, Fulcrum Global Technologies

17:30       Close of day one

19.00       Opening night dinner

Day two: Thursday 21 June 2018

09:00      Co-Chair's opening remarks

Gavin Gray, North American regional operating officer, Baker McKenzie
Derek Southall, partner, head of innovation and digital, Gowling WLG

09:10      Opening keynote: chess, go and the art of strategy 

This unique keynote session will examine key strategic thinkers in history and how their examples can be applied to AI, augmented realities and human behaviour in business and consumer trends. With this thinking, can firms influence AI to be a programmable algorithm useful for business and strategic thinking - even becoming an important part of a legal team? Finally Eric will give real examples of how this innovative and disruptive technology can be applied to tangible problems, can be used to leverage and recognise talent, and become a key part of firms strategy. 

Eric Hunterdirector of knowledge, technology and innovation, Bradford & Barthel

09:45      Enter the geeks: locating & extracting the intelligence from data        

As data expands and drives business, data analysts are now becoming integral to firms gaining insight into client’s needs and behavioural patterns. Hear first-hand from the geeks how to extract intelligence from big data and gain insight into what is being found. Discuss patterns, trends & associations of predictive analytics and how that can improve your firm’s decision making. This session will conclude with a discussion on how CIO's can pave the way for data analysts to have more influence within the firm. 

Aaron Crews, chief data analytics officer, Littler Mendelson P.C. 
Andrew Dunkley, head of analytics, BLM
Anthony Vigneron, director, legal technology solutions, Clifford Chance 

10:25      Coffee break

10:45      Maximising AI: what are the opportunities for law firms? 

This expert panel will examine the ethical considerations of AI - what impact are these developments having not just on technology, but on job roles and the role of the Lawyer. This session will also discuss the progression of AI and litigation prediction, a case study of building and implementing AI and what the AI bot of the future will look like. 

Arup Das, chief executive officer, Alphaserve Technologies 
Isobel Parker, chief legal innovation Officer, Freshfields 
Ivaylo Nikolov, director, information technology, Davies
Marco Imperiale, innovation officer, LCA

11:30      The Cloud Journey: integration and strategy 

This session will examine the law firm’s journey into the cloud, including how successful firms have been in choosing the right provider & adopting it into their strategy. The esteemed panelists will look at best practices of integration and overcoming compatibility issues when adopting cloud services, as well as how a firm can maintain its sovereignty and realise value from investment. This is especially difficult when considering the increasing restrictions of data privacy. 

Marc French, SVP, chief trust officer, Mimecast 
Scott Saundry, global chief digital officer, Dentons  
Jennifer McCarron, head of legal technology 

12:10      Lunch and networking

13:10      Interactive, round-table focus groups, please select one of the below sessions: 

A: Innovating legal IT: disrupt or be disrupted 

How are legal IT departments changing to meet the challenges of the current market? Can they now really affect the way the lawyers do their work, and if so, what skills do they need in order to do so? This session will discuss whether business as usual is an option and how IT departments can gear up to be disruptive. 

Melanie Farquharson, consultant, 3Kites 

B: Hand-to-hand combat with an advanced attacker
Ever wonder how the hackers get in, or what they do once they have infiltrated a network? Learn about the latest attack techniques that have been uncovered by CrowdStrike's threat hunting and incident response teams including: initial attack vectors, persistence, lateral movement and data exfiltration techniques. See new techniques for dealing with malware, ransomware, spear-phishing, exploits and malware-free intrusions. Leave knowing how to identify and stop advanced threat activity in your environment.

John Titmus, director, EMEA – cybersecurity strategy advisor, CrowdStrike (in association with Bytes Software Services)

C: Fintech: A game changer for the legal profession? 

An explosion of new technologies is disrupting every aspect of the Financial Sector, but what affect is “FinTech” having on the legal world? The workshop will explore the impact blockchain, smart contracts, robo-advice, RegTech and digital currencies are having on the financial services industry and how that disruption is beginning to spill over into the way law firms operate and interact with clients. The session will also examine how the FinTech revolution is creating more technologically-minded clients that are demanding more innovation and collaboration from their lawyers.

Angus McLean, partner, Intellectual Property, Simmons & Simmons LLP

14:10      Close of day two and transition into leisure activities 

19:00      Networking reception

19:45      Gala dinner

Day three: Friday 22 June 2018

10:00      Co-Chair's opening remarks

Gavin Gray, North American regional operating officer, Baker McKenzie
Derek Southall, partner, head of innovation and digital, Gowling WLG

10:05      Delivering value to the client: redefining the law firm-client relationship 

The client/firm relationship is ever changing, with clients’ needs and expectations constantly shifting. Data and technology can be used to predict and dissect patterns of behaviour: but what does the client really want? How can firms continue to deliver value in the future and form strategic relationships with clients? Hear from the clients themselves and gain true insight into what firms need to do to bring the best value and service. 

Katie DeBord, chief innovation officer, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner
Janet McCarthy, chief legal officer & company secretary, Santa Fe
David McCahon, global head of innovation and commercial for legal, Barclays

11:00      Closing session: building the law firm of the future, it’s in your hands

Imagine you could create a new law firm in 2018. What would be the key elements you would implement? Who would you want to hire and make the cornerstone of the business? Which roles are redundant and which are essential? What technology would you use and what structure would you build the firm on? This session will give delegates the opportunity to consider these questions, applying them to what the law firm could and should look like in 2025. 

Roger Parker, senior counsel, Reed Smith 
Chris Carroll, senior international counsel, Travers Smith  

11:45      Chairman's closing remarks

Gavin Gray, North American regional operating officer, Baker McKenzie
Derek Southall, partner, head of innovation and digital, Gowling WLG

12:00          Conference close

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